Glow International (Quarterly)



A quarterly journal devoted to Meher Baba published by Beloved Archives, Inc. since Feb. 1966. Beloved Archives is a tax-exempt corporation & holds one of the largest and rarest collection of Meher Baba archival material in the world.

Donation Options (tax-exempt):
$30: 4 issues.
$50: 8 issues.
$100: 8 issues + Silent Teachings(free)
$500: 8 issues +
Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, Presence by Naosherwan Anzar & film Beloved Friend:The Life of Meher Baba(free)
$1000: 8 issues + above gifts +
Film: A Day with Meher Baba in NY, 1956

Editor: Naosherwan Anzar
Consulting Editor: Freiny Nalavala

Send your checks to (US):
Beloved Archives, Inc. PO Box 10,
New York, NY, 10185.

In India:
Send Rs. 250 for 4 issues to:
Glow International, Meher Nazar,
4, Parkland Apartments,
13, 13/1 Eagle Street, Langford Town,
Bangalore-560 025 (Kar.) India.

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