Love Street Breezes (Quarterly)


Fax: [011] 1-310-839-BABA (2222)
Phone: [011] 1-310-837-6419 between 9 AM & 5 PM Pacific time




Love Street Breezes is the new successor to the Love Street Lamp Post.
The Breezes is edited by Dina Snow Gibson and independently published by the non-profit Love Street Press.

Editor: Dina Snow

Details for Subscriptions:

Domestic: US $25/year
International: US $35/year
Downloadable Version: US $15/year
Payment can be made by check (on US Bank accounts only) or by credit card.
If the former, please make the check out to Love Street Press & mail it to Dina Gibson, 8906 David Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90034-2006

Some back issues of the Love Street Lamp Post (the former publication of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California) may be found at

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