Flowers fall when He is Present
(source: Panj Pyare by D.V Balakrishna Meher)

Vir Inder Singh (a retired police officer and a staunch Baba lover) has witnessed many inspiring incidents. One such experience he narrates happened during April,1977. At that time fully bloomed roses were growing in Vir Inder's garden. Kishan Singh (another Baba lover) sent his servant to fetch some roses for the sankeertan. These lovely roses were placed on the top of Baba's photo. Many ladies had gathered for the Sankeertan being held at Kishan Singh's place. These lovely roses became the attraction and each lady wished for one rose. One lady even thought,"If Baba drops one rose I'll have it". And it so happened that one rose fell from the photo and she claimed it as Baba's prasad to her. Another flower fell down and another lady claimed it and in this way all the thirty roses fell from Baba's photo and all the ladies had them as his prasad. This happened to be a confirmatory indication of his invisible presence. Till day in all Baba programmes whenever a flower falls from Baba's photo,it's taken that his presence is confirmed