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The 20-volume biography
of Avatar Meher Baba.

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Meher Baba The
[Offered at the sacred feet of Meher Baba by Avatar Meher Baba Delhi Centre]

and Articles

BiographyLife Sketch

Biography of the Ancient One.

Role of Perfect MastersPerfect Masters
Their Spiritual Role in the life of the Avatar of this Age

Amartithi Amartithi
An inspirational visit to the tomb-shrine of Meher Baba.
Amartithi Happy Birthday Merwan!
Special Messages given by Meher Baba on His Birth Anniversaries.

Meher Mela 2001Significance of Amartithi

An important letter from Eruch Jessawala regarding Pilgrimage.
Amazing ExperiencesAmazing Experiences
Lovers' amazing encounters with God.

Centres across the GlobeDirectory
Addresses of Baba Centres across the Globe.

Links to other websites similarly devoted to Meher Baba.


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Feature on Delhi CentrePilgrimage

to the Delhi Centre (A brief history and feature on its Activities).

Feature on Delhi CentreShri Meher Baba ki Akhand Jyoti
Discourses by Meher Baba in Hindi.

Safar's DiarySafarchand's Diary
Satish Srivastava shares his travelling experiences.
Q & Ans.Questions & Answers
Answers to the questions you asked in words of Meher Baba.
Praise the Praiseworthy online. (Both in Hindi and English ).
101 Names of Baba101 Names of God
Dictated by Meher Baba in 1963.
DiscoursesSilent Words
The Discourses given by Meher Baba, must for every lover.
Some Landmark Messages of Baba:
My Wish
How to Love God
Seven Realities
Things of Lasting values
The Ancient One
The Universal Message
I am never Born; I never Die
Keep Me with you

Meher Baba's Call
Realize Your Infiniteness
Become Like Dust


Meher GalleryMeher Baba Album
A complete image gallery dedicated to Meher Baba.
Delhi ImagesPictures
Pictures of the Delhi Centre describing its activities and interiors.
Delhi ImagesSahavas '02
Pictures from Delhi Young Adult Sahavas 2002.
Delhi ImagesReincarnation
- Wallpaper

Meher Baba on your desktop.
Picture PerfectPicture Perfect!
Some rare pictures of those who play a divine role in each Avataric Period.

A complete list of literature on Baba and Spirituality along with purchase information.
Journals on Meher Baba
Meher Pukar, Glow, Beloved Baba, Love Street Breezes, Meher Baba(Telugu).

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